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I'm Blair, I offer physiotherapy for children in the Fraser Valley.  I can provide services through home visits, or in community settings such as a public pool or gym.  Some of my interests include Outdoor recreation such as canoeing and archery,  Woodworking, and Football.

My Story

 I chose to become a Physiotherapist through the experiences and interactions I had with physiotherapists when I played football in college, I always found I had great experiences whenever I needed a physio. I started working as an Orthopedic Physiotherapist in 2016 In Manitoba and  2018 I moved to Chilliwack to continue practicing physiotherapy.  In 2019 I began transitioning from working in with adults, to pediatric physiotherapy, and in 2020 a began working as a school aged physiotherapist for the Chilliwack School District.  

I decided to transition to pediatrics because I for me, I just find it be such a fun experience.   I have found in my time working with children, that we need to do a better job creating opportunities for children to be physically active, especially children who have physical disabilities. I believe that having access to recreation and physical activity is a fundamental need for everyone, and I aim to find fun ways to get kids moving and to create motivation and confidence while working on goals and creating opportunities for life long physical activity.  To make things fun I use games, obstacle courses, virtual reality exergaming,  pool therapy and archery to name a few things.


IF you are looking for more information or would like to book an appointment, Let's connect.

(204) 922-0010 or (604) 819-2496

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